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Barnesmore Gap County Donegal. The Autumn colours add even more to the already spectacular scenery of this landscape. The main Donegal to Ballybofey road, the N15, with the meandering Lowerymore River and the Old Railway Line running side by side through Barnesmore Gap. Beyond in the distance is Lough Mourne.
Barnesmore Gap County Donegal. Is that big opening between Croaghconnelagh, also called Conall’s mountain and Croaghonagh, also known as Owen’s mountain. Here, in this very fine mountain pass the traveller is shut in between these two great hills as he/she wends their way along a really excellent road that traverses the Gap. Lough Mourne in the foreground.
Barnesmore Gap County Donegal. Folklore has it that the railway was responsible for reintroducing the beech tree to Donegal and the course of the railway line can be traced by picking out the beeches which were planted as line side hedging, as you can see in this picture. With Biddys O'Barnes. Donegal Bay & Donegal Town in the distance. Lough Eske to the right. You can see the track if you follow the trees, even where it crossed the N15. — with Barnesmore Gap in Barnesmore, Donegal, Ireland.
Croaghconnellagh, Barnesmore Gap County Donegal. Reflections in Lough Mourne County Donegal. After the Ice Age the retreating glaciers created a huge gash in the mountain range to the NW of Donegal Town, called Barnesmore Gap. It states in the Annals of the Four Masters that Barnesmore was a refuge for robbers and rogues until Red Hugh banished them. The Gap was part of the route from Sligo to Derry and a great haunt for highwaymen who attacked the coaches.
Biddys O'Barnes Public House, Ardnawark, Barnesmore, County Donegal. in the Snow of Winter 2010. (The following is an extract from Biddys Website in 2008) "This Famous Pub is nestled at the foothills of the Blue Stack Mountains, on the Banks of the Lowerymore River, nine miles from Ballybofey and six miles from Donegal Town. Biddy's was originally an Inn, dating back to the 18th century, a time when the Coach was the main form of transport, here was a stopping point, where horses were rested, and travellers relaxed before the next stage of their long and tiring journey through the Gap. Biddy's O'Barnes, to this day remains a stopping point for today's traveller"
Croaghconnellagh and Croaghonagh, Barnesmore Gap County Donegal. Misty Mountains with Beautiful Barnesmore Gap County Donegal " For centuries the Gap has been a strategic gateway between the Northern and southern parts of County Donegal. But Barnesmore was also, in other days, a place of sinister repute. Up to about 1800, it was the notorious haunt of brigands, highwaymen and raparees who waylaid, robbed and murdered travellers. It became so perilous that from the mid 1700's a garrison of Red Coats was stationed at the Ballybofey end of the Gap to ensure the safety of travellers. The authorities erected a gallows in the Gap to deter these people. The West Donegal Railway Company opened a Railway Line on 25th April 1882, the start of it's construction having been hampered by seven weeks of snowstorm. The line closed in 1959." (An extract from Biddys Website dated 2008)
Croaghonagh, also known as Owen’s Mountain.
Croaghonagh Barnesmore Gap County Donegal. Sunset Between the Majestic Barnesmore Mountains, Barnesmore Gap, County Donegal
Lough Mourne and Barnesmore Gap county Donegal. A Little Dusting of Snow. Lough Mourne with Barnesmore Gap in the distance. — with Barnesmore Gap, County Donegal
Lowerymore River Barnesmore Gap county Donegal. The river banks of the Lowerymore River have been strengthened by huge rocks, to withstand the force of the waters from the mountains. At Barnesmore gap County Donegal
Lowerymore River Barnesmore Gap County Donegal. The Lowerymore River meanders through Barnesmore Gap on its’ way to Lough Eske. Way up on the hills above Barnesmore Gap the Barnes River rises in Manmore Lake and flows down the mountain to Barnes Lough. It is here that the Lowerymore River or "An Lamhraigh Mhor" starts its journey to Lough Eske.
Croaghconnelagh Mountain, Barnesmore Gap County Donegal. Also known as Conall’s mountain behind which is Barnes Lough. You can follow the path of the Lowerymore River onwards to Barnesmore Gap. PS Without the rain there would be no rainbow! — with Barnesmore Gap in Barnesmore, Donegal, Ireland.
Keadew Barnesmore County Donegal. The Old Railway Line shows off the Amazing Hand of Autumn! — with Barnesmore Gap County Donegal
Croaghonagh and Croaghconnellagh Barnesmore County Donegal. Perfect Reflection Lough Mourne Barnesmore Gap County Donegal.
Keadew Barnesmore County Donegal. The Bridge across the Lowerymore River with Biddys O'Barnes and Barnesmore Gap beyond. Amazing Autumn!
Lough Mourne, County Donegal. In the Snow! A frozen Lough Mourne in Winter 2010. The Old Railway Line on the right and Barnesmore Gap in the distance.
Lough Mourne, County Donegal. Runs along the road between Ballybofey and Donegal Town just before the two mountains that saddle Barnesmore Gap. Croagh Connellagh (Connall's Mountain) and Croaghonagh (Owen's Mountain). At Barnesmore Gap County Donegal
Barnesmore County Donegal. The Car Park and Picnic Area and just beyond where the Lowerymore River crosses under the road is the Bridge of Barnesmore. At Barnesmore Gap County Donegal
Croaghconnellagh Barnesmore County Donegal. Orange hues on this sunset between the majestic Barnesmore Mountains, Barnesmore Gap, County Donegal
Keadue Barnesmore County Donegal. Wooden Bridge over the Lowerymore River near Biddys O'Barnes during Winter of 2010. Magical Moments with John.
Summerhill Donegal Town County Donegal. This was a sunrise looking back towards Donegal Town from Summerhill, with Barnesmore Mountains in the distance.
Croaghonagh, Croaghconnellagh, Croaghnageer, Barnesmore County Donegal. Perfect Reflections at Barnesmore Gap County Donegal
Lough Mourne County Donegal. In the snow of Winter 2010. Barnesmore Gap County Donegal
Croaghonagh, Barnesmore County Donegal. Also known as Owen’s Mountain with the N15 at Barnesmore Gap County Donegal